Satanists at large in Kilkenny!

Paranoia Outbreak of the week - the UVF, Kilkenny covens, missing persons and Satanic Born Again Christians!

I've found the most bizarre conspiracy site in Ireland, by one Jim Cairns, formerly of South Antrim. My Cairns, formerly a resident of South Antrim, fled for the south after a failed UVF abduction. From there he started not only noticing large amounts of Satanic activity in Kilkenny, where he settled, but also a link between born again Christians and Satanism (?). Brings a whole new meaning to the notion of being saved!

Somehow, he's also managed to link this to the 90 or so missing persons cases, and the high suicide rate in Kilkenny. A rather peculiar site, it does reference the case of poor Dean Lyons, the unfortunately heroin addict who was wrongfully jailed in 1997 for the Grangegorman murders, which he couldn't have committed. Poor "Dino" spent 9 months in jail before being released. He later died in jail in the UK.

I found the link interesting as a very unstable acquaintance of mine knew Dino and talked about him a lot. Sadly, he was homeless at some stage and the acquaintance seems to have known him through a certain notorious childrens home which was closed in 1993 amid evidence of horrific child abuse.


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