We Love . . .

1960s cartoon style art. There's also a link to buy some trez cool t-shirts. Found the link on the Ursula 1000 website.

Original Jazz Classics - for posting a large hulk of their back catalogue for cheap download at www.emusic.com

Linc - for allowing me to vent my spleen on the truly awful Cork scene. (I'm patiently waiting to be lynched.)

The Afterlife - No, this athiest hasn't picked up a belief. Its a site for fans of Tom Robbins. I'm currently reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

Of course, my favourite of all is the coolly logical drift of poorly translated English:

"Today, 20-Oct-2003, at 3 a.m. Moscow time was disabled Plenexis Moscow
satellite gateway.
The reason - underground floor of the building where is located teleport
was submerged by water and electrical power facilities was disabled."

It sounds so much like the linguistic flow of German or even Gaelic. I love the way that non-Latin languages separate the verb and the object. "Hans gave to me the ball." That just sounds so wonderfully stilted. Perhaps it could be useful. You have the hang on until the end of the sentence to understand exactly what it means. So in these languages there is no concept of jumping to conclusions, as meaning is dependent on context. I like that.


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