Well, I've finally managed to fix my modem, and a phone line connnected, so now I can yak away to my heart's content!

(Go on . . . admit how much you've missed me . . .)

Firstly, I've got to do something about the main page and take off all the crap. Yes, I'm going ad-free. I never got paid for it anything, so no point in free advertising. (However, if you do want to advertise, and its legal and the bucks are worthwhile . . .)

So, first things first. I've discovered this FABULOUS band or whatever they think of themselves as - Ursula 1000. They are a NY based DJ outfit from what I can make out from their website at http://www.ursula1000.com. But if you have an Emusic account (oh don't tell me you don't? For a mere $9.99 per month which is barely €9 or a little more than the price of two pints of Stella Artois in the Bodega, you can download legally released tracks from, how shall I say it, eclectic labels. I'd advise you to look at it. Aside from it being legal it doesn't rip you off like the Ministry of Sound or MSN download service, and you don't have to pay more to burn to CD). The music itself is a cross between 60s pop, lounge and electronica. Well you did ask . . .

So stay tuned for more ....


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