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At Last - some Sanity

One of my favourite political footballs over the last few years has been the widespread abuse of the Supplementary Welfare Benefit rent supplement system. Basically this is the Irish government's half hearted version of Housing Benefit (for those, like myself, conversant with the UK benefits system). However, it does not have a statutory basis, which means it is up to the chaos and whimsy of the Health Boards, who seem to vacillate between giving out housing benefits to those who have quite reasonable housing alternatives and so don't need it at all, or else refuse quite reasonable cases on the most ludicrous of grounds.

Let me tell you my tale of the SWA private renter. These scumbags make up 1/3 of the private rental population in Ireland, and they - ironically - not the landlords, have singlehandedly managed to ruin the system for the rest of us, who remember, are paying out of our own pocket (as well as subsidising them). You think this sounds miserable? Let me tell …