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Signs and Realities

During my last rather debauched weekend, in between bomb-disposal like cleaning up of my flat after an impromptu party, and watching the entire second half of the 3rd series of "Xena" on DVD, I had a few thoughts about reality, or unreality.

Actually it was triggered by an interesting article in WIRED about the writings of Phillip K. Dick. One of the main themes running through Dick's work is the uncertainty of reality - i.e. how do we know that reality is real? The concept was something that came from a really odd weekend. Something happened that was unexepcted. I had just been wallowing in the self pity of not having achieved something and suddenly, bang! It literally walked through the door and handed itself to me on a plate. It turned out that the situation as I preceived it was not in fact the true case. What seemed to be the truth was not, in fact, the truth.

What to me seemed like another dismal failure was in fact a towering triumph. Only it didn't in…

The end of an era for the Sema Group

Back in mid 2000 I got a job working for a very large computer corporation supporting laptops over the phone for corporate customers. It wasn't well paid, and we were badly managed and operationally impotent, however, it was an introduction into the more interesting world of the companies who were buying from us. Although the Sema Group were not my customer, I got to know them so well that I had contacts who didn't even have to phone me.

Its not often I write about work or work related issues, but this one is dear to my heart. When I returned to Ireland in June 2002 a job was badly needed and I spotted that oilfield giant Schlumberger was opening a service centre in Cork. Keen to locate myself outside Dublin to eliminate the bad memories of better times and an extremely destructive relationship, I applied enthusiastically - Schlumberger were one of my main customers in my previous job and I gathered they would be good to work for. To my surprise I then discovered that a y…