I was searching my company directory earlier for a colleague, known for her quirky sense of humour, who had put a picture of one of her 5 pet cats onto her directory account. This, however, failed to meet the high standards of the UK employee who infamously put up a "joke cv" on the companies HR website (which is as much a networking and shameless self promotional tool) complete with a picture of himself as a gonk. Needless to say, the powers that be in Triton Square London were not amused and numerable emails were sent to employees to discourage the practice of humour in their everyday work. Thankfully, the cat survived. Here it is.

The background of the picture reminded me of one spate of house hunting in London in late 2001. We went to look at a house in Ladywell, near Lewisham, and found the house to be highly attractive, and full of 5 professional gay women. The back garden however, was a sheer Mesopotamian paradise of miniature proportions. Foundtains, delicately designed flowerbeds, pots etc. It was fabulous. I very sensibly realised straightaway that my sloppy, lazy and selfish then girlfriend would probably have lasted no more than a week in the house, so politely declined.

While I'm on the subject of gardens and flowers, I must get around to photographing the magnificent display outside my own back yard. There is what appears to be a ditch behind the row of terraces where I rent a large flat, and in summer it comes to life with a huge display of wild flowers. Its really quite magnificent.


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