Valetine's Weekend . . .

Just had a nice Valentine's weekend, didn't spend the whole lot with Dawn, but some of it. Its really quite strange being in a relationship again after so long. I didn't expect to meet anybody for a some time, and least of all in Cork. So far its been pretty good - its really nice having somebody to share evenings with, muck around with. Best of all is thinking for two. I guess thats something I missed a lot. As well, and I suppose this sounds cliched, but I found it true, was for some time I found it difficult to sleep in a double bed alone. Well not difficult to sleep (I've an excellent bed, real sleep inducer), but strange.

Its also really weird since it doesn't at all fit into the pattern of relationships I've had over the last 4+ years - which were almost all on-scene, very "public" relationships insofar as we were all part of the eternal circle of Dublin gay women. This is quite different - we rarely go out on the scene, we don't live in the pockets of a whole crowd of gay women, we're not living as part of the "expectations" of the friends. In the past I've found that friends really could become a nuisance. And worst of all - a bad flat mate was a real passion killer.

But best of all its great to go out with somebody who has a life . . . and doesn't need to suck up half of yours. Its nice to have somebody whose got real values and passions of their own, and friends too.


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