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While idling away at work I found this little gem.

More pap from CORI

Again, CORI have come out with more guitar paying, tree-hugging pap. After an intelligent discussion about questions of inequality in Ireland, again the suggestion of increasing the basic adult rate of social welfare by €47 have been suggested. Secondly Ireland has been criticised as a low tax economy.

Not only is the welfare increase, it would do enormous harm to completitiveness and quality of life. This is because social welfare rates do not take into consideration other benefits given to welare recipients and their values. For example, a single person in Dublin may be entitled to rent allowance of up to €110 per week. They receive a medical card which gives them free medical treatment (saving them up to €78 per month on medication and GPs fees of €40 per visit). There are also some extra entitlements for pensionres and those on disability and lone parent payments. Even a single person living in rented accomodation in Dublin visiting a doctors every second month receives a n…