Ray done again . . .

"Poor Ray" was up in the dock again yesterday, this time to answer charges for tax fraud on income on his offshore account from the early 1990s. This appears to have been a home for the proceeds of Ray's personal fundraising from the building industry, in return for assistance with planning. Interestingly, very little has been said about Ray's involvement in the Capital Radio fiasco (at the time, his vested interest was so blatant he even appear on the radio!) Although the figure quoted for Ray's tax evasion is nearly 2 million, much of this is years of interest and charges relating to the initial evasion.

To top this off, Ray has also cost the tribunals nearly 10 million, and the courts so far will be taking into account his efforts to impede the tribunals success, so its unlikely that he will be granted assistance. As a result, Poor Ray is likely to go bankrupt. One wonders will he be allowed keep his pleasant little house off Griffith Avenue - rumour has it that the house is in his former wife's name in order to avoid it being swiped by the Revenue. Unlike other people who've fallen on hard times through no fault of their own, Ray may even get to keep his house.


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