Legal Murder

The outrageous news this week (which didn't even make front page headlines) about a man who literally drank himself to death in a bar in Laois while the bar staff continued to serve him defines all credulity. This man literally ordered straight vodka after vodka and was served. After he passed out a taxi was ordered for him by two other custmomers but the driver refused to take him. The man was left in the recovery position in the bar. After 2 hours a doctor was called to the scene who pronounced the man dead.

All the time the bar staff just went about their business and ignored the situation. A doctor who prescribed somebody enough to kill themselves and took it in front of them would now be sitting in court charged with manslaughter if not murder. A company who allowed one of their employees to die on the site would be accused of corporate manslaughter for not intervening in a health and safety issue. Yet a publican can literally position and customer and leave him to die and nothing happens? Two brothers helped this man and tried to look after him, yet the publican seems to have done nothing. This is incredulous and no wonder the bar industry is in the state they are in, if they disregard their customers this much.

A couple of years ago a pleasant pint in one of the bars on Douglas St in Cork was marred by a child belonging to one of the drinkers, who basically allowed his son to run riot in the pub while he quietly ignored him. This week the vinters are now objecting to the law which prevents selfish parents like this man from bringing their children to pubs after 9pm. This is supposed to be "anti-family." Yet nothing is more anti family than introducing a child to a pub environment in their tender years and imposing their bad behavious on those who just want a quiet pint. A pub is no playground and should stay that way.

Lastly, its nice to see that my favourite bar in Cork, the Bodega, is cutting its soft drink prices by 25%, in a move of goodwill. A good show from a bar that really looks after its customers.


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