Taxed out?

Gombeen of the day: Liz McManus

Today the Labour party's Liz McManus made a major gaffe when she pointed out that more people are convicted for welfare fraud than tax evasion. What McManus, normally a pragmatic and sensible politician, missed, was that the vast majority of welfare cheats are working on the black economy, and so are also tax evaders! Most of them receive similar penalties to those who are found evading tax, except due to low incomes most are allowed pay back over time and aren't penalised as heavily - unless they've been truly screwing the system.

The fact that almost all of the major gangland masterminds of the early 90s were also drawing the dole seems to have missed McManus. There is a shocking level of welfare cheating happening in Ireland which mostly involves childminding and small scale personal services. However many of those doing it would need to get a job of 30,000 plus per year in order to maintain their lifestyles, so it is only fair and reasonable to the huge number of tax payers who earn less than that, that they pay the price for their crimes.


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