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Death to Democracy

More interesting comments on the latest attack on democracy by a former IRA murderer. Patrick Magee, who planted the 100lb bomb in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, killing two people.... perhaps I should underline that "KILLING TWO PEOPLE." This seems to be forgotten in the spin doctoring of the pan-nationalist front. Somehow it is ok for Magee to plant bombs and kill innocent people, but not ok for the tiniest suggestion of collusion in the murder of IRA-sympathist lawyer Pat Finucance. Somehow the fact that Finucane specialised in getting murderers off the hitch more than smacks of the kind of morals that existed in the 1920s Chicago court system. The two people who died in Brighton were entirely innocent bystanders. They were not political apologists and they had not signed away their lives for any cause. Finucane, on the other hand, by virtue of his close association with the Provisional IRA, set himself up as a prime target. I presume this would have been one of the…

Would this man really bankupt the country?

Interesting to read Charlie McCreevy's comments on Sean Healy of CORI, insisting that CORI's economic policies would "banktupt the country" and that Healy preaches "nonsense." I've been reading CORI's economic policies for some time and there is much of interest to read. What is particularly sad is that McCreevy seems to have blown up the entire premise of CORI's policies rather than a handfull of deeply flawed policies.

So would CORI bankrupt the country? One of their policies certainly would. I have written before about how Basic Income, if implemented on CORI's plans, would remove any initiative from a huge percentage of the population to work, particularly the "real" low paid - workers earning less than the mythical average industrial wage and the minimum wage - who make up at least 50% of all workers, who would lose substantially under the process. Meanwhile productivity would collapse and multinational investment would d…

5 Great Dublin pubs

Birchalls, Ranelagh
Rody Bolands, Rathmines
Chaplains or whatever its now called(formerly the Regal Inn), opps Screen cinema (can't remember the street name)
The Cock Tavern, Swords
Smyths, Malahide