Death to Democracy

More interesting comments on the latest attack on democracy by a former IRA murderer. Patrick Magee, who planted the 100lb bomb in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, killing two people.... perhaps I should underline that "KILLING TWO PEOPLE." This seems to be forgotten in the spin doctoring of the pan-nationalist front. Somehow it is ok for Magee to plant bombs and kill innocent people, but not ok for the tiniest suggestion of collusion in the murder of IRA-sympathist lawyer Pat Finucance. Somehow the fact that Finucane specialised in getting murderers off the hitch more than smacks of the kind of morals that existed in the 1920s Chicago court system. The two people who died in Brighton were entirely innocent bystanders. They were not political apologists and they had not signed away their lives for any cause. Finucane, on the other hand, by virtue of his close association with the Provisional IRA, set himself up as a prime target. I presume this would have been one of the arguements that he himself gave to those he defended when accused of killing members of the Crown Security Forces - that they were "legitimate" targets. So then, became he himself, also a legitimate target. As the old saying goes, you live by the sword, you die by the sword.


Anonymous said…
Err, you've got a fellow screwed up sense of justice.
Anonymous said…
Don't know where you got the information that Pat finucane was an IRA sympathist..

I know the Finucane family personally and can assure you he was a solicitor doing his job...

hope you never have the experience or getting arrested,
you would (going by your views) need a gay activist or sympathist to represent you...
you would be in a bit of a pickle the, if our solicitor decided he/she didn't want to be branded as whatever section of the community he/she represents.
Shoe said…
Obviously you haven't read the Spectator article published in

While the Sean O'Callaghan may be abiased source, there is also the evidence suggested by Sir John Harmon. (See In fact Harmon went so far as to suggest that Finucane had used his position to "act as a contact between suspects in custody and republicans on the outside".

Also, as the above aticle states:
"Pat Finucane's brother, John, an IRA man, was killed on active service in a car crash in the Falls Road, Belfast, in 1972. Another terrorist brother Dermot successfully contested attempts to extradite him to Northern Ireland from the Irish Republic, while a third brother was the fiancée of Mairead Farrell, one of the IRA trio shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar in 1988." Funny that Finucance was particularly known for his defence of IRA volunteers...

There is NO comparison between the lawyer, and Finucane. As a laywer, Finucane did have a choice about who he represented. Those who were killed in Brighton were ordinary employees going about their business in what was probably a low paid job. There is a huge contrast between somebody who had made it a point of defending those with a very specific political viewpoint and somebody who takes a low paid job, and happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm surprised that in your "sense of justice" you don't recognise this fact.

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