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Euphony - new scheme

It looks as if my telco provider, Euphony, has brought in a new scheme for lighter users.
At present, I use their "TalkNow" service which for 10 euros a month offers free landline calls locally and nationally for up to 60 minutes per call.

The new service, "EUSmart" costs 4.99 per month and is basically the same as the UTV free calls deal, except line rental not included and no 12 month contract. Its a nice service but for th extra 5 euro for cheaper mobile rates and free daytime calls TalkNow is a much better option.

Slip up of the day . . .

I was most amused to read the Guardians description of David Blunkett's "tug-of-love" case over his supposed son. Apparently Mr Blunkett is looking for access to the boy, "whom he has not seen for four months." Since Mr Blunkett is blind and a guide dog user, surely this is not surprising. More here.