Euphony - new scheme

It looks as if my telco provider, Euphony, has brought in a new scheme for lighter users.
At present, I use their "TalkNow" service which for 10 euros a month offers free landline calls locally and nationally for up to 60 minutes per call.

The new service, "EUSmart" costs 4.99 per month and is basically the same as the UTV free calls deal, except line rental not included and no 12 month contract. Its a nice service but for th extra 5 euro for cheaper mobile rates and free daytime calls TalkNow is a much better option.


Anonymous said…
Hi Shoegirl,

I use Euphony as a telco provider. I was also using them for internet connection as well, by using a local dial-up number (a dublin 01 number). Euphony claims to have sent out a letter stating that internet calls are not free any more. I never received such a letter and now have 1 1/2 months of internet calls to pay for. Did you notice any such letter :(
Shoe said…
I've been hit by the same problem. I certainly didn't see one and I reckon that its been retrospectively billed. I tried to telephone Euphony about it after I received my bill on Monday but I couldn't get through to their call centre.

Believe me, I will be challenging them on this issue as the number in question was an 021 number and not a 189x number. Technically Euphony should not exclude this number because it is an internet number. It would also be interested to see is this just a single number (elive?) or all calls which are data calls.
Anonymous said…
Hi Again Shoegirl,

Well I am still in limbo with Euphony. There story to me is that:

#Customers were notified in the October bill that as of November "data" calls would be charged as a local number
#I joined late September, I did not receive my first bill until November. Therefore I would have missed the apparent notification.

Customer services have received my complaint in writing, they left a message on my answering machine after christmas (leaving the standard customer service number). I tried to get in contact with the person who left the message, who was not availible at the time. They are supposed to ring me back (highly unlikely)
Anonymous said…
Any news on this development yet ??

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