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The Wickedest people in Ireland

The word "wicked" is the only word I can use today to describe the description of the killing of Lars Forsmark in New Ross. Basically it appears that locals took objection to strangers being in "their" pub and the particularly evil publicans not only refused to serve the 5 Swedes, but dumped the dying man outside the bar to die on the street.

One can only hope that the full force of the law is used against those involved in the brawl, but especially the quite wicked Sean and Noeleen Wickham, the pub owners.

Blowing out the Bosco "AIDS" myth

There has been a myth circulating for years that one of the presenters of 1970s RTE children's series Bosco died of AIDS.

Its complete shite actually. In fack the presenter is alive and well and still acting. Its incredible the prejudice against gay men and people with HIV that a man whose sexuality was not a major secret was assumed to have been consumed by the "gay plague." In fact he just a year or two ago did an excellent series of drag mimics of a major female politician and even the Taoiseach's now ex-mistress!

Nell by Nell

I'm almost finished reading Nell McCafferty's lovely "Nell." I have to say its a great book. The descriptions of people are so lively and alive you feel that you know them. The last time I read an autobiography that was so full of life was when I read John Bayley's "Widowers House", his lovely account of life without his wife Iris Murdoch. I have to say the pictures she draws of people she was close to is very loving and rich.

I have to admit like the other half of Ireland who've read Nuala O'Faoilain, Nell's ex-lovers autobiographies, I couldn't help but compare the two. O'Faoilean's book is deeply insular and weighs heavily on her own feelings and reactions. Curiously enough, both do make a point of the date in which "lesbian bed death" occured. (Though neither use this elegant description). Nell dwells far more on other people and is often highly self critical, whilst O'Faoilean barely mentions Nell at all…

The Darker side of the Northern Banks

While the media is currently riddled with the latest news on the Northern Bank raid and its political fallout for Sinn Fein, the story has thrown into the background a super complaint by the former Consumers Association in the UK as regards banking charges in Northern Ireland, which are way out of line with normal UK prices.

Unsurprisingly, all 4 banks - Northern Bank, Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland and First Trust (i.e. Allied Irish Banks) are the 4 largest banks in Ireland, where this kind of orvercharging has been de rigeur for many years. The absence of a strong UK or international bank in the Northern province has allowed these banks, in particular BOI and AIB to apply exactly the same extortionate banking charging structure as they do in Ireland. Except in Ireland the nearest equivalent to the consumers assoication, the IFSRA is actually recommending that regulation of bank charges be discontinued thus INCREASING charges for the consumer, in an already uncompetitive market.

The tw…