No story caught my eye last year more than than Wolfgang Lolies Santa Project.

No experience I have ever had was as odd as sitting on a 240 bus in Middleton at the roundabout at the end of the Main St and the bus driver pointing out a character in a Santa suit walking accross the road - in mid July. The driver waved to Santa, and Santa obligingly waved back. I mentioned this to my mother in Dublin on the phone and oddly enough my sister had a similar experience. She was getting a bus into town in Drumcondra when the same Santa got on the bus, sat down, made his trip to wherever he was going and got off the bus!

Amusing as it may have seemed, in fact Wolfgang was promoting suicide awareness in Ireland. What a novel way to promote a cause.

You can read all about Wolfgang's journey here.


Anonymous said…
Hello Shoe,

It's me, Santa ;-). Well okay, I admit, my name is Wolfgang. Thanks for that posting. The aim behind the project was to highlight the issue of suicides in Ireland and the responce I received was overwhelming. Unfortunately not so much from around Cork, but I had a lot of feedback from around Wexford, Clare and Galway. Even clerics had been in touch. Most touching were long conversations I had with family members who had been left behind by people who took their own life. I talked to mothers, sisters, brothers and friends of some people who committed suicide and I have a feeling that things are starting to move. Thanks again, you helped to highlight the issue once again. Wolfgang Lolies
Anonymous said…

We picked up Santa (Wolfgang) outside Macroom and brought him to Kilarney, we even got him to go on Radio Kerry !

We got a lot of funny looks in Kilarney that day !!!!


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