Rip off merchant name and shame

Its not often that I name and shame a rip-off merchant, but here it has to be done.

I purchased a subscription for On Our Backs magazine last autumn, and then discovered that they were on a "hiatus" - that is, temporarily suspending their publishing. Not only that, even though the purchase came via Yahoo shopping, they still had to contact me to get my credit card number. Which is a first (I've been buying online since 1997 and never once has this happened).

I was pretty pissed off when after 4 months they were still publishing nothing, but decided to wait patiently until they started publishing again. Which they did, nearly 7 weeks ago.

Now 7 weeks later, still no subscription. And at this stage, no excuses.
I sent an email both to the sub editor, who originally contacted me about my CC number, and also to their customer service dept. No response.

So today I complained both to their customer services and to Yahoo Shopping. Unfortunately since the transaction is nearly 6 months old, Yahoo may not be so helpful. However at least it will highlight the problem back to the merchant. I am demanding a full refund at this point since I simply cannot trust them to post me 6 magazines anymore. I'll post up the results when they happen.


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