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Antisocial woes

I just happened onto the ASBO debate on the Late Late on Friday night, and couldn't help but smile at the 2 folks who were trying to argue against the proposals. Somebody very rightfully pointed out that John Waters won't be experiencing the kind of antisocial behaviour in Dalkey that folks in ordinary areas have to endure. The young lady speaking with him came across as well-intentioned, but incredibly naive and quite oblivious to the reality of living with antisocial behaviour. The young man ffrom Belfast who had received an ASBO was portrayed as an innocent and I felt a real sense that we were not getting the full story about his case.

I have to admit that I have lived around antisocial behavious (sometimes extreme) for a lot of my life and I think this young lady needs to experience the torment of living with an extreme annoyance (and sometimes downright harassment) for a week or two before making judgements about the effectiveness of various remedies. She kept saying t…

Good and Bad career moves

5 Career Tips

1. Education is a huge deal in Ireland. There is a lot of weight placed on what you studied, where you studied it, and what results you got. The point system, for all its negative points, does have a picture of how various disciplines and colleges are percevied. In some cases, local qualifications may be more appropriate for local companies, whereas larger and global organisations love high-fliers.
If you have a below average leaving cert (less than 2 Cs at higher level) then don't draw attention to your mediocrity by pasting it all over your CV. And there is absolutely no excuse if you want to further your career, for not going back to complete the Leaving if you didn't do it, or failed it. Unless you are over 50, there is a very poor perception about those who left school early. People will make all kinds of assumptions about you if you didn't finish the Leaving, but at the same time there is also a healthy respect for those who go back as a mature stud…

Congratulations, Mr Blair

Congratulations to the UK Labour party, who once again have blocked the evil resurgance of Toryism in the UK. Even though about 40-50 seats have gone to the Tories (still giving them only the same number of seats as the Labour party achieve in their worst moment of 1983 due to the "longest suicide note in history" manifesto) the Labour government still hold three times the majority that John Major held after the 1992 election when the odious Murdoch right-wing propoganda sheet "The Sun" manipulated some of the more feeble minded members of its intellectually inferior readership to vote for the Tories.

Nonetheless, this is still Labour's third great win with a majority that
would have seemed handsome enough to previous Labour governments. When the
votes are combined with the Lib Dems' strongest showing since its alliance
with the SDP in 1983, there is no major rightward shift. So that social
democratic wind of change in 1997 was no temporary symptom of momentary…