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Are women more gullible than men?

It is just me or is there a pattern in place in online women's forums? I have lately taken to exploring's forums whilst working night shifts and am sooo depressed at what I read. My sister used to moan that working in an airline reservations department was like working in a hairdressers - it was all "holidays, makeup and boyfriends." Well meet the real thing.

Since I've started working shifts, I've entirely gone off tv. Daytime schedules (especially on TV3, which is pure drivel from about 10am until dusk) is riddled with bad UK and Aussie soaps, old (and crap) US soaps, "real life" courtroom drama and constant advertising for ringtones, dial-a-psychic and food-advertising. Which is a shame, as their breakfast show is good, the news comparable to RTE and they do show "Footballers Wives" and "Bad Girls" as well as repeats of the truly excellent "Cracker." However, the daytime schedule is nothing but drivel.


ID Cards

I am fascinated by the current debate in the UK regarding ID cards.

The debate is largely focussed on the negative effects of ID cards, but generally it ignores the fact that increasingly, proof of id is a part of everyday life.
Next week I've a couple of taks to do. I'm sitting a networking exam. For this I need to show either my driving licence or passport and some form of signed id (eg. a credit card). The next day myself and my partner are opening a joint savings account - which means both proof of id and proof of address.

Its become not infrequent now to have to carry a passport or driving licence for certain things. Yet there is huge opposition to the idea of an official id card that would eliminate the need for expensive extras like a passport. For example my password expired last month. A new one - even the most basic, will cost me 75 euros, a 5 euro trip to get photos done and possibly another 10 euro to get it done at the post office. Fortunately my driving licen…