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The Market for Sobriety

Today's title is something of a misnomer, as there is no such thing. I was struck today by a good article by Zoe William's in the Guardian about the pending extension of drinking hours to 24x7.

Round-the-clock drinking is not there to suit the timetable of the moderate drinker who wants to stay in and watch Lost but fancies a quick spritzer at midnight and, darn it, can't find a boozer open. It is there to suit the person who's already been out for four hours, and can't bear to go home, which - by the standard definition of a "binge" being more than three drinks in a session - can only be the binge drinker.
A very good point, I thought, however, this is a classic case of demand-driven economics: the drinker (as the consumer or the individual element of the market) wants longer drinking hours and is willing to purchase more, therefore the government is enabling unlimited licensing hours so that the retailer (the pub or club) can sell the consumer more booze…

Diet updates

Hello again. After some very nice emails, I had to let you all know how the diet is going. One or two difficult weeks in the last couple of months, but I'm now down to a size 14, weighing in at 10 stone 6 pounds (146 pounds) or 66kg for you metric people.

Have to say that I'm working hard on it - staying clear of unhealthy foods, exercising more than once a day now - this is getting off about 2 pounds a week - very good at this stage. I'm really starting to see results and its becoming much more noticeable. At this stage there is only 18 pounds in between having a BMI of 25 and where I stand right now, which, when I think about it, is just a little more than one of the 7kg dumbells I often lift as an isolation exercise. At this stage I'm not worried about the remaining saddlebags or spare tires - as they probably represent most of the fat that remains: so when the fat goes, they'll (fingers crossed) go with it.

I'm not under the illusions of spot myths, so I…