Diet updates

Hello again. After some very nice emails, I had to let you all know how the diet is going. One or two difficult weeks in the last couple of months, but I'm now down to a size 14, weighing in at 10 stone 6 pounds (146 pounds) or 66kg for you metric people.

Have to say that I'm working hard on it - staying clear of unhealthy foods, exercising more than once a day now - this is getting off about 2 pounds a week - very good at this stage. I'm really starting to see results and its becoming much more noticeable. At this stage there is only 18 pounds in between having a BMI of 25 and where I stand right now, which, when I think about it, is just a little more than one of the 7kg dumbells I often lift as an isolation exercise. At this stage I'm not worried about the remaining saddlebags or spare tires - as they probably represent most of the fat that remains: so when the fat goes, they'll (fingers crossed) go with it.

I'm not under the illusions of spot myths, so I do realise that if the nasty bits don't go when I hit 9 stone 2, I'll have to keep dieting. At the moment I am at 35% body fat, which amounts to 51 pounds, so I need to reduce my fat stores by another 10% which would work out at 15 pounds (the surplus 3 pounds which is the difference between 146 and my maximum ideal weight of 128 pounds is probably muscle - you don't lift weights every day and gain nothing at all!)

I am hoping to hit the 128 pound target by the end of October - which is a net loss of 1.6 pounds per week - not totally unrealistic (but maybe a bit brave). I'm getting more into the exercise habit so this is helping a lot!


Anonymous said…
Good on ya girl, keep it going, it'll do ya proud. Best wishes.

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