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Good riddance to bad rubbish

In the context of todays news that 130 non paying bin tax dodgers are not having their bins collected in Dublin from this morning, it was joyful to hear that the infamously drunken driving GV Wright is retiring from politics and will not stand in the general election.

Unsurprising news, seeing that most of his hundreds of thousands of constituents would be less than impressed by Wright's spraoi, which ended in his knocking down a female pedestrian on the North Strand. At the time I couldn't help wondering if the veteran politician, also ill famed for being accused of taking a bribe of 7k from a building in the course of the Mahon tribunal, was simply too mean to pay the 25 quid taxi fare back to his fancy house, a lot nicer than the cap house-sheds they are throwing together in Swords these days.

Amusingly, Bertie the dum-dum Ahern praise this parasite, thanking him for his "hard work." What hard work? In Wright's 20 years or so in politics we in Swords never sa…