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Extending the "Loafers Allowance" a Retrograde Step

One of the more fascinating elements of the 2004 study by the "Social Partners" into the nature of those receiving Rent Supplements was that a huge group - amounting to almost one quarter of all recipients, were not unemployed, lone parents, disabled or retired. They were, to use a euphemism rarely heard outside of social welfare circles, recipients of "supplementary welfare allowance."
Now most of you have probably never heard of this allowance. What it actually is, is an equivalent to what in the UK is called income support. Its basically social welfare for people who have no income, but who are not disabled and are not seeking employment. Amiguous though it may seem, what that amounts to is a "Loafers Allowance" for those who don't want to work and have no excuse not to, but who for some reason have been permitted, by the state, to be pensioned off at the taxpayers expense. In many cases this involves homeless persons, but I am quite sure that …