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Dell Hell

Back many years ago in the early days of my IT career I worked for Dell Direct. Yes, I was one of those drones (there were actually about 500 of us in those days) who took inbound telephone calls on technical support lines. I was lucky enough to be on the corporate support line, so fortuantely for me, I was on the not-so-busy (and much less braindead) large corporate line, which I believed at the time to be mostly corporate helpdesks. (Later on I discovered that many of the calls were not in fact from helpdesks, but from asset managers, PAs, facilities support teams etc - but thats another days story - as I went on to work for some of the companies who were my customers, or the outsourced support partners).

Now I noticed something interesting early on in my days at Dell. Though loyalty was demanded by the company more than any company I have ever worked for, most employees were disgruntled with the company and there was high levels of hostility towards customers, especially the les…

The irish Reviera??? Wha??

Can you believe that we now have an "Irish Riviera"? Well according to a website ( we do. It would appear its the south coast too. If ever there was a case of misselling, this is it. Tourists lured by the suggestion that the munster coastline is a maze of fabulous beaches with gorgeous people will be disappointed by the squelching through the fields in their wellies with some farmer straight out of the Mogeely People while the rain pours down. Enjoy!!

Secondly its most interesting to see that construction sector is slipping, partially driven by a sharp drop in house building. Eliminating holiday homes in dismal places like the Irish Riviera, and shoebox apartments, apparently one of the big drivers for house prices is the dramtic fall over the last few years in the number of 3 bed semi-ds being built. In Dublin this has reached critical proportions. Add to this the long standing tradition in Dublin where native shout-siders won't ev…