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2 Cheers for Democracy and Cabbages

2 cheers for the wag on the Irish Times discussion site who made a wonderful comment to the effect that FF would probably win the next election because "some cabbage somewhere will [always] vote for them."

Speaking of this nice turn of phrase, Joe Higgins, a Socialist party TD with whom I normally wouldn't concur (partly due to his irritating stablemate from Rivervalley, who strangely enough bares a resemblance to yours truly), used an even better one to describe the non-representation which has plauged North Dublin politics since the election of Ray Burke in the 1960s - Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party said the Government would be in the company of sharks, and that the sale [of Aer Lingus] would be one of the most outstanding acts of economic treachery in the history of the State.
He said Fianna Fáil backbenchers had failed to protest the sell-off of the airline, and that if the voters of north Dublin had sent cabbage heads to occupy the benches in the Dáil they would …