2 Cheers for Democracy and Cabbages

2 cheers for the wag on the Irish Times discussion site who made a wonderful comment to the effect that FF would probably win the next election because "some cabbage somewhere will [always] vote for them."

Speaking of this nice turn of phrase, Joe Higgins, a Socialist party TD with whom I normally wouldn't concur (partly due to his irritating stablemate from Rivervalley, who strangely enough bares a resemblance to yours truly), used an even better one to describe the non-representation which has plauged North Dublin politics since the election of Ray Burke in the 1960s -
Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party said the Government would be in the company of sharks, and that the sale [of Aer Lingus] would be one of the most outstanding acts of economic treachery in the history of the State.
He said Fianna Fáil backbenchers had failed to protest the sell-off of the airline, and that if the voters of north Dublin had sent cabbage heads to occupy the benches in the Dáil they would get better representation.

Consdering that the cabbages of Fingal have returned Ray Burke (took bribes, dodgy planning permission decisions, sold passports to Bin Ladens, dodgy MMDS and radio licencing decision) and GV Wright (took bribes and injured pedestrian after drink driving home through Dublin), the voters have a track record almost as poor as those who they've returned to the Dail and council chambers. They've also managed to return Anne Devitt of FG, who aside from being almost a Guardian Angel for developers, voting for almost every massive dodgy development in Fingal, was also hauled up to the Mahon Tribunal for negotiating developer access through Health Board lands in Lissenhall whilst still working for the Health Board. Not surprisingly, Devitt had backed a rezoning application for the same development in 1993, despite the fact that it was landlocked, and the tribunal tried to asscertain if bribes were paid to 3 local councillors by Frank Dunlop. Apparently Devitt only exposed her bank accounts after continued threats of expulsion from FG. Devitt has a long history of supporting controversial rezonings in Swords - its a pity she didn't do something to improve services alongside this, which up until recently were dismal.

Sadly, FG seem to have made a bizarre decision in next years election by not only putting up a non-Fingalian as candidate but by bringing back a maverick ex-party member whose bizarre policies include legalising cannabis and moving antisocial people into ghettos. A serious shame that more effort was not made to unretire Nora Owen, who did the constituency trojan work over the years, for example, she was one of the driving forces behind some really useful improvements to bus services to Swords via the Malahide Road and a bus link from Swords to Portmarnock. Something my granny would have loved.

Speaking of cabbages, some cabbage in Mitchelstown has suggested supplanting the not very effective Gay Byrne with Cork hurler Sean Og O Halipin in the road safety supremos role. Now O Halipin, like his brothers, is a master hurler, however, he doesn't seem to have any great track record in promoting road safety. Worse again, he's not exactly a household name outside Cork - something which people down here tend to forget, and probably even less known outside GAA fan circles (for example in Dublin hurling is practically a foreign game and I enjoy shocking Cork friends with the fact that I've never even picked up a hurley in my life, let alone played a game or even a snippet of a game). But fundamentally, appointing somebody like O Halipin, would simply be repeating the mistake made with Byrne - assuming that a celebrity appointment would make people listen. What we need in the RSA is somebody who is an expert on either transport policy or psychology - celebrities simply don't have the credibility that this role requires.


2 cheers for a great blog...I'll be sure to make it regular reading...good luck and keep it up

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