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Ahern insults our intelligence yet again

Bertie Ahern's refusal to answer questions about the funding of his 1993 separation is nothing short of an insult to intelligence. He has repeatedly ignored the question of who funded him and why he accepted "gifts" from his benefactors, despite being a succesful TD and minister who at the time enjoyed a salary well above the norm. Instead he has tried to divert the questions onto who leaked the information - and gone out of his way to use the courts to block further coverage in the newspapers, which they gleefully honked on the Sunday papers yesterday.

Yet the issue remains - why did a succesful minister need donations to fund his separation bid? After all, he was hardly poor, especially not by the standards of the day. He could well have afforded to fund it himself. Yet no less than 9 benefactors chipped in. Why? With so many donors, were they asked to donate? By whom? To what benefit?

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