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Shoegirl makes several YouTube appearances

Never have I so many times appeared on YouTube without putting myself there!

Check these out.....I was part of the Munster Rugby Supporters Club Guard of Honour for the round 2 match in Thomond Park. Its a privelige enough to get a ticket for any of these home mathces without the double privelige of welcoming the team onto the pitch!

Here's a really good one
And this one, mainly of the lovely Cara O Sullivan singing Stand Up and Fight

And again, kindly from the same Clermont supporter, look out for me in the video early on and in the photo montage at 4.28

Any official photos I'll post on later.

eircom's ssid booboo

Quite surprised to see eircom's rapid reaction to the ssid situation. For those of you who don't already know, eircom generates its WEP key from the serial number, which unfortuantely it coded into the connection. Which of course has made it possible for somebody with access to the website in question to connect to anybodies eircom connection.

The interesting thing is that so many people don't even have a WEP key enabled to start with. Fewer still have a stronger encryption method. Curiously enough I have found that almost all ISPs in Ireland either use a default key generation system and almost all use WEP, even though its not a very secure method. I myself on previous setups have used more secure methods to authenticate

The surprising thing is that despite this there is still very poor publicly accessible WIFI at a reasonable (i.e. NOT extortionate) price. I think much of this is because eircom is still charging such a high rate for even the most basic level of acces…

A Critique of McWilliam's Generation Game

Its rather unfortunate that after years of excellent
commentary and quality predictions - which took many
years to take root, but now turning out to be
uncannily correct, David McWilliam's proposed
solutions for Ireland imminent economic collapse are
so utterly and dangerously wrong.

McWilliams has for a long time warned against the
unique situation in Ireland where low interest rates
have fuelled a massive lending boom and
consequentially, a massive housing value explosion.
With considerable immigration, as much as 50% of it
returning emigrants who left these shores years
ago, housing values (and private sector rents)
rocketed due to high demand and an almost comatose
public housing sector which almost deliberately
failed to house any but the most desperate and
pathetic cases, leaving many public housing estates
an economic disaster zone, packing together the most
deprived and marginalised. In the last couple of
years, subsidy programmes such as the very limited
SOS housing scheme…

Housing Bust Revisited

Housing continues to be a deepening crisis in Ireland, with continued drops in prices even in the highly-prized Dublin market, possible further increases in interest rates, and increased rent hikes for those who are priced out of the market despite this. Meanwhile, take takes plummet as the stamp duty from property related sales implodes (ironically, the blame put on the entire stamp duty debacle - largely a concern of wealthy middle class property owners, has now pretty much been exonerated of the blame for a nose-diving property market).

Meanwhile the build-to-remain-empty market continues to mushroom, with as much as 20% of entire housing stock vacant or underused: there is no proper register of how many of these properties are holiday homes, in need of repair or simply awaiting a sale or new tenant. Thats not even counting speculative investments: with increased protection for tenants, and up to autumn 2006 price increases of 60 euros a day or more tax free, it was hardly worthwh…

Lies and Statistics . . .

Thought I must confess to having a mathematical mind, I have to say I was inflamed somewhat by the GCN "survey" of readers back in June. While I have to admit that I threw out the paper a while ago and couldn't get my hands on a copy, I was mildly annoyed by some of the findings which were published without questioning why they were likely to be the case. Even my Open University undergraduate Maths course taught me that its important, when looking at a case study, to assess some of the reasons why certain findings are the case.

Take, for example, the likely readership of GCN. The vast majority of copies of GCN are distributed via what is commonly known as the "scene" - the loosely connected network of commercial entities and community outlets that serve the segments of the gay "community" that are publicly "out." You won't get it in your local Centra. So this immediately excludes a vast number of potential gay people who either live …

Mobile Phone Etiquiette for Apartment Dwellers

What is it about apartment dwellers that they feel the need to make their phone calls outside their apartments? I have just noticed at least two sets of neighbours over the last few years (in both cases noisy and antisocial) who felt a dire need to take their phone calls outside so as not to disturb their partners or visitors inside, but instead to bother everybody living within a 30 foot radius with an open window. Come good summer weather and this only worsens.

Of course it goes without saying that these are generally the same people who also take phone calls (long ones, especially) after midnight, put on discernible music after 4am, keep pets in totallyunsuitable surroundings and play musical instruments (or sing) at equally unsocial hours.

I guess this is one area where ABSOs really can be used. There is little or no protection for apartment dwellers against noisy neighbours (and really, in my book, "noisy" means noisy after 11pm and before 7am - I do think people are t…

Hang all Fag-Hags

During my recent holiday in Gran Canaria I spent one or two nights dancing away with the (mostly) boys in Heaven, the popular gay disco which is a sister of the well-known London club. The music, I have to say, was pretty good, though we couldn't help but notice that despite an obvious male bias, there were quite a few women there. Except that they weren't gay women. A good quarter of them were that truly despised beast.

Yes, they were those dirty, filthy, egotistical, fag hags.

Ensconced as always with their usually pretty gay male friends, this appalling breed have a particularly nasty social habit of looking straight through every other woman in the place whilst at the same time invading precious gay "space." And worse still, their gay boyfriends indulge them. To such an extent, we noticed one particular nasty fag hag actually simulating oral sex: we actually though she might have been a prostitute brought in for the night.

There is a less vicious kind of straig…

Great classics for just 1 euro

Well done to the owners of classicalmusicmobile, who've made available a load of old classic recordings which have fallen out of copyright for a mere euro on mp3.
I have to say that the service compares well with the likes of Pristine Audio, who also reengineer old recordings, though at a slightly more expensive rate.

Aside from the early 1950s Callas operas, Ferrier, Flagstead, and about 2 dozen great 1940s and 1950s Wagner recording, there are offerings such as the complete (later) Budapest quartet Beethoven cycle (unfortunately the later 40-50s Sony cycle which is felt to be inferior to their earlier recordings), an early Sutherland BBC Weber Euryanthe, two magnificent Russian Tchaikovsky offerings (which even at their normal prices are great value). I'd certainly recommend this service over the Opera d'Oro series of old live recordings, many of which are very hit and miss.

A lot of the same recordings appear on Naxos Historical, although not available in the US due to th…