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Hang all Fag-Hags

During my recent holiday in Gran Canaria I spent one or two nights dancing away with the (mostly) boys in Heaven, the popular gay disco which is a sister of the well-known London club. The music, I have to say, was pretty good, though we couldn't help but notice that despite an obvious male bias, there were quite a few women there. Except that they weren't gay women. A good quarter of them were that truly despised beast.

Yes, they were those dirty, filthy, egotistical, fag hags.

Ensconced as always with their usually pretty gay male friends, this appalling breed have a particularly nasty social habit of looking straight through every other woman in the place whilst at the same time invading precious gay "space." And worse still, their gay boyfriends indulge them. To such an extent, we noticed one particular nasty fag hag actually simulating oral sex: we actually though she might have been a prostitute brought in for the night.

There is a less vicious kind of straig…