Hang all Fag-Hags

During my recent holiday in Gran Canaria I spent one or two nights dancing away with the (mostly) boys in Heaven, the popular gay disco which is a sister of the well-known London club. The music, I have to say, was pretty good, though we couldn't help but notice that despite an obvious male bias, there were quite a few women there. Except that they weren't gay women. A good quarter of them were that truly despised beast.

Yes, they were those dirty, filthy, egotistical, fag hags.

Ensconced as always with their usually pretty gay male friends, this appalling breed have a particularly nasty social habit of looking straight through every other woman in the place whilst at the same time invading precious gay "space." And worse still, their gay boyfriends indulge them. To such an extent, we noticed one particular nasty fag hag actually simulating oral sex: we actually though she might have been a prostitute brought in for the night.

There is a less vicious kind of straight woman that you sometimes see in gay bars: the groups of straight girls. Most of these are all too well aware of the kind of environment they are walking into, and generally are more respectful of the fact that, yes, there are gay women here, and this is their space, not to be invaded casually. I often find that all too often, within groups like this there are usually one or two women questioning their sexuality or in the closet, and very often, their sympathetic friends have brought them here in tacit awareness of this. This group are friendly towards gay women, unlike the snipeish lone fag hags, and more often than not tell you that the reason they come here is because they don't get hassle from men. Though in recent years, what has started to happen is that straight men are now following fag hags into gay bars in order to see what they can find, and also to indulge a fetish for gay women usually fed by the highly glamorized media and porn images of lesbians promoted heavily in recent years.

This is causing deep conflicts in the gay community as exemplified in incidents like Kissygate, where gay women feel genuinely victimized by what is perceived to be "soaring" levels of uninvited heterosexual male voyeurs attending what in the past would probably have been women only events. The antagonism here cannot be ignored by organizers, but at the same time, they are (as a recent conversation with the former organizer of one of the more successful womens clubs of about 5-7 years ago confirmed) limited very much by the door policies of the fairly limited number of bars and clubs which are hired on what often is potentially loss-making nights, since Friday and Saturday are peak nights in Dublin clubs. I saw this for myself at the ALAF festival in Dublin, where two pretty obnoxious straight males attended the "Licky Rake" show, and their behaviour was rude and offensive to the majority there. One in particular, seemed to be written to fit the "dirty old man" stereotype, and they seemed particularly intent on loudly making their presence felt. This displayed an obvious antagonism towards the women present. This is a classic display of the dichotomy of men who find themselves drawn to the idea of two women together, but repulsed by the actual reality of independent women. To a large extent, the pornography industry is blamed for this, since it has brainwashed an entire generation of men, previously disgusted at the notion, into believing it to be alluring and sexy. Many of those very men were strongly homophobic previously, and in some sense their learned excitement at the notion still doesn't guarantee that they will not be homophobic in nature.


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