Mobile Phone Etiquiette for Apartment Dwellers

What is it about apartment dwellers that they feel the need to make their phone calls outside their apartments? I have just noticed at least two sets of neighbours over the last few years (in both cases noisy and antisocial) who felt a dire need to take their phone calls outside so as not to disturb their partners or visitors inside, but instead to bother everybody living within a 30 foot radius with an open window. Come good summer weather and this only worsens.

Of course it goes without saying that these are generally the same people who also take phone calls (long ones, especially) after midnight, put on discernible music after 4am, keep pets in totallyunsuitable surroundings and play musical instruments (or sing) at equally unsocial hours.

I guess this is one area where ABSOs really can be used. There is little or no protection for apartment dwellers against noisy neighbours (and really, in my book, "noisy" means noisy after 11pm and before 7am - I do think people are totally entitled to have a life outside of those hours).


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