eircom's ssid booboo

Quite surprised to see eircom's rapid reaction to the ssid situation. For those of you who don't already know, eircom generates its WEP key from the serial number, which unfortuantely it coded into the connection. Which of course has made it possible for somebody with access to the website in question to connect to anybodies eircom connection.

The interesting thing is that so many people don't even have a WEP key enabled to start with. Fewer still have a stronger encryption method. Curiously enough I have found that almost all ISPs in Ireland either use a default key generation system and almost all use WEP, even though its not a very secure method. I myself on previous setups have used more secure methods to authenticate

The surprising thing is that despite this there is still very poor publicly accessible WIFI at a reasonable (i.e. NOT extortionate) price. I think much of this is because eircom is still charging such a high rate for even the most basic level of access, while in other countries, users are paying the same for 4MB or 8MB access.


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