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Another thing that struck me was my own situation. I've been 6 years in Cork, and most of the last 18 months have been spent thinking of getting out. I came to Cork in mid 2002, like a lot of non-natives, to escape. I'd been in an emotional draining and psychologically abusive relationship, I couldn't face Dublin and so I came here, where I'd good friends and happy memories. But it was never intended to be a long term thing. Interesting thing is, I have met many other people who came here to escape, dry out, chill out, get away. But the time comes when you have to realise that this isn't the place for you.

I originally was meant to leave Cork in October 2006 and stayed. Then I made a plan to return to Dublin in May 2008 and now that looks as if its not going to happen either. Finally, I've come to the conclusion: why stop at Dublin? My original intention in 2002 was to go back to London once the dust settled and my head had cleared, but meeting a woman …

Some thoughts

Having recently arrived back from Sydney, Australia, with a head blown out from over indulgence, I have to say a visit to Instinct was less than inspiring. I have never been a fan of the Cork scene: the commercial venues either suffer from a lack of support or poor management, the non-commercial venues suffer from a tendency to cater only for their existing clientele rather than make an effort to reach out into the wider gay community. But compared to Sydney, this really showed up. Interestingly enough though, I find the straight club scene in Cork as dreadful as the gay one, though again the pub scene is not that bad. I think this may spill over onto the expectations there are for the gay club scene.

With "the club" more or less gone (correct me if I'm wrong here), few once off events happening in really nice venues such as the Liquid Lounge and Opera House, and very limited competition coming from newcomers like Rubys, Instinct really has gone downhill. I expected …