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Today's comments on migration in the UK press

The UK migration studies and associated commentaries are a sad day for the free movement of people around the globe. Its particularly sad also, to see purveyors of hate such as the Sun coming out with more reasonable statements than newspapers like the Telegraph and Mail. After a night spent digging through the application process for Australian skilled migration, I have to say that after looking at a points-based system, I can only see that such systems are explicitly designed with one thing in mind: to attract not the ordinary or low paid worker, but the brightest and best. And presumably into the brightest and best paid jobs too. Aside from the fact that the Australian system is focused on a desire to attract in talent, with a noticeable caveat that the social security system is ring fenced for a certain length of time, requiring the prospective migrant to bring along a large sum of a cash as a precondition, it contrasts strongly with the employer-focused system in Ireland, where i…