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People who do this should be taken off the road for good

I think this picture speaks for itself. I was behind the motorist in question, stuck behind a queue of traffic blocked because of roadworks on the road to Kinsale. Needless to say the idiot in question DID go on to exit the roundabout on the wrong side of the road via the entrance, having driven around the bollards to avoid getting stuck. He/she also had to force her way out onto the blocked roundabout due to coming out via the entrance rather than the exit, which left the other road users none too happy. Sadly, I was too far back to get a photo of this. I think people like this should be public named and shamed. And its incredible we are so desperate to take those who haven't had a chance to even sit a driving test off the road next week when there are dangerous drivers like this on the road with scant regard for other users, clearly in the belief that the rules do not apply to "moi"!

Brian Kennedy with pride flag

Brian Kennedy with pride flag
Originally uploaded by lff12 It was really nice to see Brian Kennedy at Dublin Pride on Saturday, indeed it was very nice to see both himself and Maria McKee perform. Shame about the selfless self-promotional idiot who played before them who seemed to have little appreciation of the occasion and its strong politics, and more interested in promoting her new CD. Fortunately she was so forgettable I cannot even remember her name.


I have become completely obsessed in recents weeks by the plethora of
social networking add-one that have become so popular on the net. For
quite a while now, I've had a bebo account for ages, wasn't all that
excited about it but then I found facebook, with its tormenting
applications. I've renewed my blog, as well as rehosting it and
upgrading it to take into account new features. And I've opened reddit
and livejournal accounts, as well as upgrading my flickr account to
pro and uploading close to a thousand photos.What is partly driving this is an increasingly holistic tendency
amongst websites. Flickr now integrates with blogger and facebook
which both work with each other and the advent of rss feeds make
almost any of these applications available to each other. The icing on
the cake has to be twitter, the SMS addicts facebook! Minute 140
character updates convey only one thing: what are you doing now?Suddenly we're alive on the web: statics pages hav…


I cannot help but wonder who'd actually want to purchase a pair of these.


While watching some of the video snippets on the RTE website from the No campaign while listening to my iPod, it was no coincidence that by sheer accident, the Kander & Ebb song from Cabaret came on randomly. As I watching Mary Lou (do not adjust you set, she is actually that colour), Declan Ganley of the so-called Libertas campaign, and those rather backward folks from YD, not to mention the Tory extreme right, I could almost see the young Nazi Youth member raising his arm slowly in the air and the bass drum banging harder and harder as the Euro-bigots voted for isolation, a stop on migration (for everyone but us of course), a reversal of the liberal agenda, etc. I am awaiting the banner that this group will eventually put up as its now only a matter of time before an extreme right populist party emerges In Ireland. Tomorrow belongs to them it seems. Europe is quite right to leave us behind.

1100 full moons over Blarney castle

I had the great please on Tuesday morning of participating in the Spencer Tunick installation. I dragged myself out of bed at 2.30am, still bleary eyed, and really wondered "am I going to be able to do this?" I've followed Tunick for the last few years, especially his UK installations, so when I heard he was coming to Ireland, I immediately jumped up for it and filled out the form.

Getting out of bed at 2.30am is one thing, but getting up out of bed to head out into the great unknown of taking your clothes off for a photo is another. Cynics on jeered that it would never happen, Cork is too small, it would be cancelled, down with that kinda thing. But as soon as I'd overcome having forgotten my driving licence and not bringing an umbrella I realised that a large crowd were arriving in Blarney. In the end 1100 people showed up.

Anyway I arrived into the holding area where all the participants were waiting and popped myself under what I thought would be a n…

Charlatans on the social care scene

I recently came across somebody who had just started to promote
herself as a consultant in an area of social care for a particularly
vulnerable and marginalized minority group. Good, you might say, but
in fact this person hasset herself up as a consultant largely on her
life experience and a very basic part time course.She is supposedly offering counselling and group workshops despite
having no professional experience and no verifiable qualifications
that are relevant. To top it all off, not only is she doing this
outside of an organizational framework, she is doing it having already
split away from two different support groups that offer help and
support to people in this situation.This I find quite alarming, particularly seeing as the normal course
of treatment for people in this situation requires psychiatric and
medical care. Such an individual is very very dangerous to vulnerable
people and people need to be made aware that if they are seeking help
and advice they ei…

MRSC rip-off?

I see that the renewal process has started kicking off for Munster
rugby supporters club members. To be honest, particularly as one of
the 6000 AMs who were well and truly fucked over by the branch over
Heineken cup tickets, the packages on offer are a rip off.Last year I paid €165 for combined membership and a terrace ticket
for all Magners League home games. This year the cheapest equivalent
is about €200. This represents about a 22% increase for nothing
extra. Leinster branch, who have been actually looking after their
members, sell their cheapest package for €230 but this includes 3
Heineken Cup games worth about €80 and membership worth €50 on its
own, so Munster supporters are being overcharged significantly with
slim hopes of a Heineken cup ticket.A nice thank you to loyal supporters who've served the team well over
the last year.

Great Experiences Pt1

What I've done so far this year:

1. Stood under Sydney Harbour Bridge by night
2. Stood on a soapbox at the Sydney Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras
3. Danced on a bar (ok not me, but its the same bar and I didn't fall off!!)
4. Partied with the best of them
5. Danced with the very best of them at the Sol Y Luna Harbour Party in Sydney's Botanic Gardens
6. Been up to the Skybridge of the ">Petronas twin towers KL
7. Pulled twice in one week
8. Been to the ">Heineken Cup Final to watch my team win the cup
9. Awarded a man of the match award to a great sporting hero
10. And finally, ">waved a giant flag on the pitch at Thomond Park (yes, I am in there, on the right)