Charlatans on the social care scene

I recently came across somebody who had just started to promote
herself as a consultant in an area of social care for a particularly
vulnerable and marginalized minority group. Good, you might say, but
in fact this person hasset herself up as a consultant largely on her
life experience and a very basic part time course.

She is supposedly offering counselling and group workshops despite
having no professional experience and no verifiable qualifications
that are relevant. To top it all off, not only is she doing this
outside of an organizational framework, she is doing it having already
split away from two different support groups that offer help and
support to people in this situation.

This I find quite alarming, particularly seeing as the normal course
of treatment for people in this situation requires psychiatric and
medical care. Such an individual is very very dangerous to vulnerable
people and people need to be made aware that if they are seeking help
and advice they either contact a reputatble group with more than one
member or an individual who has certified qualifications and
membership of a professional body.

Anybody else posing as a consultant is nothing but a charlatan and
should be avoided at all costs.


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