Great Experiences Pt1

What I've done so far this year:

1. Stood under Sydney Harbour Bridge by night
2. Stood on a soapbox at the Sydney Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras
3. Danced on a bar (ok not me, but its the same bar and I didn't fall off!!)
4. Partied with the best of them
5. Danced with the very best of them at the Sol Y Luna Harbour Party in Sydney's Botanic Gardens
6. Been up to the Skybridge of the 100_4157">Petronas twin towers KL
7. Pulled twice in one week
8. Been to the Laura in Milenium Stadium">Heineken Cup Final to watch my team win the cup
9. Awarded a man of the match award to a great sporting hero
10. And finally, ">waved a giant flag on the pitch at Thomond Park (yes, I am in there, on the right)


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