While watching some of the video snippets on the RTE website from the No campaign while listening to my iPod, it was no coincidence that by sheer accident, the Kander & Ebb song from Cabaret came on randomly. As I watching Mary Lou (do not adjust you set, she is actually that colour), Declan Ganley of the so-called Libertas campaign, and those rather backward folks from YD, not to mention the Tory extreme right, I could almost see the young Nazi Youth member raising his arm slowly in the air and the bass drum banging harder and harder as the Euro-bigots voted for isolation, a stop on migration (for everyone but us of course), a reversal of the liberal agenda, etc. I am awaiting the banner that this group will eventually put up as its now only a matter of time before an extreme right populist party emerges In Ireland. Tomorrow belongs to them it seems. Europe is quite right to leave us behind.


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