MRSC rip-off?

I see that the renewal process has started kicking off for Munster
rugby supporters club members. To be honest, particularly as one of
the 6000 AMs who were well and truly fucked over by the branch over
Heineken cup tickets, the packages on offer are a rip off.

Last year I paid €165 for combined membership and a terrace ticket
for all Magners League home games. This year the cheapest equivalent
is about €200. This represents about a 22% increase for nothing
extra. Leinster branch, who have been actually looking after their
members, sell their cheapest package for €230 but this includes 3
Heineken Cup games worth about €80 and membership worth €50 on its
own, so Munster supporters are being overcharged significantly with
slim hopes of a Heineken cup ticket.

A nice thank you to loyal supporters who've served the team well over
the last year.


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