I have become completely obsessed in recents weeks by the plethora of
social networking add-one that have become so popular on the net. For
quite a while now, I've had a bebo account for ages, wasn't all that
excited about it but then I found facebook, with its tormenting
applications. I've renewed my blog, as well as rehosting it and
upgrading it to take into account new features. And I've opened reddit
and livejournal accounts, as well as upgrading my flickr account to
pro and uploading close to a thousand photos.

What is partly driving this is an increasingly holistic tendency
amongst websites. Flickr now integrates with blogger and facebook
which both work with each other and the advent of rss feeds make
almost any of these applications available to each other. The icing on
the cake has to be twitter, the SMS addicts facebook! Minute 140
character updates convey only one thing: what are you doing now?

Suddenly we're alive on the web: statics pages have given way to
constantly changing, evolving entities which are interconnected to
other entities. In other words, the web has become a human activity
system in its own right. Suddenly wikis and blogs have started to
creep into the world of mainstream journalism, commenting upon and
debating with each other. Its a wonderful development, let's hope it
keeps going.

See the links on the left for some ok I'd to my accounts mentioned


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