Cork Harbour Pollution

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This may be of interest to some of you. Its an overhead view of the Haubowline site (bottom island) the day before the horrendous rain on 4th July. The photo was taken around 8pm. It might come in useful to some of you.

My main thoughts on this issue is that the pollution appears to go right back to the 1930s when there was little or no legislation to deal with industrial waste. So a large proportion of this waste has been there for as much as 70 years. The danger here is that if this is the case it may undermine arguments compelling the ISPAT purchasers to clean up pollution for which they were not responsible, but also an absence of accurate historical information regarding the impact of the site on the local community may make it difficult.
One thing is clear. This sludge didn't just suddenly appear out of the blue a couple of months ago, so we need to be really careful when judging the impact of it on stakeholders.


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