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A photo I like

Munster vs Cardiff 090
Originally uploaded by lff12 I took this photo of these guys who were sitting on the onpitch seats at the West Terrace in Musgrave Park a couple of weeks ago. I hope somebody passes it on to them because its actually a really nice group photo that somebody might look back on fondly in a few years time.

Gmail Spam Mania

I've had a Gmail account for a couple of years now, one which I rarely use. I had a couple of odd things happen to me with it. Firstly, some idiot in Asia accidentally put it down instead of her own email account for Friendster, and to be honest, I think this twit is the cause of my spam problems.

The point is, anyway, I am now receiving more spam to this address that has existed for less than 2 years than I am to my main email account which I have had since 1999.

I decided to experiment, after some time of enthusiastically clicking the "report as spam" button every time an unwanted advertising mail arrived.

Instead of deleting the spam cache every week or so, I will leave it for the full 30 days and see how bad it gets.

I was shocked to notice after just 24 hours that already more than 200 mails were in the filter. After 48 hours, this had increased to 577. In this time I had just received 1 genuine email to my inbox. Tempted to delete, I didn't. I decided to cont…

Planet Brian is not planet Earth

Irish Examiner | Finance Minister calls ERSI predictions 'pessimistic'

What a thick.  Of course ESRI have also been notorious in getting things wrong in the opposite direction and being over-optimistic about various things such as employment levels, tax takes, house prices. In fact ESRI willingly backed up Lenihan until only very recently, wiling lap-dogging to FF's propoganda machine. Trouble is, their credibility is now on the line, and I suspect that this latest prediction is an attempt to restore faith in a shattered system.

Dubes and other deck shoes


Landlords still not being checked for tax compliance?

Committee advises sharing of landlord PPS numbers amongst govt. agencies - Politics, National News -

Its quite incredible in this day and age that no cross checks are applied to verify tax compliance by landlords, despite the fact that lots of them are now letting out properties at a rate of the minimum wage - which is a considerable sum.

It seems to me that much of this is due to the fact that earners on the level of most TDs are quite likely to own several houses, and highly likely to be landlords themselves. Of course they will not want the landlord checking up on their landlording chums!!

It seems it is high time that vested interests such as the interests of the landlords of the rented sector are called to account and made to pay their way, including for the damage that they have done to the housing market and those who are trapped in the sector.

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