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The Bullshit factor takes over

Quite amused by the outstanding level of bullshitting by Minster "Retard" Lenihan speaking on RTE regarding two very serious issues facing the Republic - the issue of mass migration across the border to avail of considerably cheaper shopping, and the complete mess that Revenue face in the light of a proposed tax on employee parking spaces in "urban areas."

Firstly, Lenihan responded to the high cost of shopping south of the border, which aside of being already unfairly treated by predatory pricing caused by a slowness in passing on the fall of sterling against the Euro some time ago by many retailers (who now in all honesty make up probably 2/3s of the retailers on many retail centres), are also forced to charge higher prices since the rate of VAT here is also higher, thus establishing higher prices, even if the retailer does charge the latest conversion rate.  Lenihan's response?  To punish consumers even further by hiking up VAT even further, and thus driving …

Applauding on landing aircraft

I was just thinking today about the 19th century gorillas who still applaud when charter aircraft land (generally it is people whose life experience doesn't go far beyond what Falcon or Sunway have to offer). I was just thinking that they should be labelled and restricted from having a full part in normal life, since apes like that clearly haven't noticed that clearly, unless there is an emergency, we generally do land.