The Bullshit factor takes over

Quite amused by the outstanding level of bullshitting by Minster "Retard" Lenihan speaking on RTE regarding two very serious issues facing the Republic - the issue of mass migration across the border to avail of considerably cheaper shopping, and the complete mess that Revenue face in the light of a proposed tax on employee parking spaces in "urban areas."

Firstly, Lenihan responded to the high cost of shopping south of the border, which aside of being already unfairly treated by predatory pricing caused by a slowness in passing on the fall of sterling against the Euro some time ago by many retailers (who now in all honesty make up probably 2/3s of the retailers on many retail centres), are also forced to charge higher prices since the rate of VAT here is also higher, thus establishing higher prices, even if the retailer does charge the latest conversion rate.  Lenihan's response?  To punish consumers even further by hiking up VAT even further, and thus driving even more consumers across the border for yet more loss of income to the south.

It reminds me of the bad old days in the 1980s, when we all flocked to Newry for cheap drink, despite the very troubled times they were up there then.  I have a sneaking feeling that the exodus will in fact be worsened by this latest move.

The second issue is the parking tax.  I find it incredibly that Lenihan has not only no idea how this was going to be administered, but that its not even cleared specified where it will apply.  Papers this morning suggest the city areas of Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway, which is remarkably interesting, since pretty much the only employers who still provide free onsite parking in these areas are....guess who?.....the government and its agencies.  So the government is planning to tax itself.  A curious dichotomy.

A further point made about this issue was the unfairness of taxing shift workers, who have no such luxury, since even in Dublin there is no such thing as 24x7 public transport (unless of course, you want to go from Dublin airport to Belfast).  So in a country with 220 days of rain a year, and public transport so poor we have the gall to create 24 hour buslanes in areas with no 24 hour services, we are now going to punish ordinary working people by making them pay for the privilige of a parking space?  I have a feeling this will either enormously backfire or end up being paid by the state itself for its own employees, who are the biggest group of beneficiaries of city employee parking.


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