Finaly, justice for Thailand

Finally that smellty, filthy little brothel to the west has come up with a quality court tuling that will serve its people well. A court has not only found the ruling PPP party guilty of vote fraud (not to mention the vast corruption its already well established for), its banned its leaders and junior coalition parties from politics for 5 years.

Thailand for too long has accepted a level of ruling corruption that festers and ruins the country. While neighbours like Malaysia and Singapore have reinvented themselves as modern democracies with proper industry and well educated people, Thailand has been mired in the 1960s R&R psuedo-prostitution industry in pretty landscape and sunshine. They need to move on, and hopefully now there will be a chance.

The country needs serious anticorruption measures to ensure no repeat of Thaksins abuses and investment in proper business, not simply ip service. If Thailand is to survive as a modern nation, it needs to put aside the old corrupt ways and learn new ones, otherwise, it will, even in tourism, be eclipsed by Malaysia and Vietnam.


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