The Great "O'Bama" Moneygall Scam

Some time ago, several articles surfaced which laid claims about President Obama having Irish roots. In fact, sites such as produced "evidence" of such. In fact I had a quick scour of and found a deeply commercialized and deeply inaccurate site which had no real accurate records even of the last 100 years.

So I decided to delve a little further, and see if it could accurately match up my own family information based on information I have from the recently published 1911 census of Dublin. (Actually although its an official document, there are, according to my family, some inaccuracies, for example my maternal grandfather's family has wrong ages, incorrect numbers of children etc). I have a few long deceased family members with distinctive names, and tried entering them into the database.

Not one turned up. For example, I can locate several grandparents to their parental homes in 1911, complete with siblings, and even maids. Yet not one accurate record showed up on this site. I wouldn't say that the site is a total sham, but its search methods produce a picture that could piece together almost anybody to anywhere and no real accurate records, despite the fact that I threw in some very accurate information. So I would say that Obama's Irish "ancestry" is in fact conjecture, wishful thinking and potential scamming, considering that already locals are trying to make hay on the back of the 1st man. I am not suggesting that in fact Obama has no Irish ancestry, indeed its quite likely that he does, what I am suggesting is that the current hype about Moneygall is nothing more than a debilerate myth perpetuated by hazy records and conjecture.


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