5 Suggestions for Irish Recovery

1. STOP STOP STOP raising taxes, this is draining money from the economy and making things worse. Halt the plans to increase taxes. Reverse the disastrous pension levy and income levies. These are causing huge cost increases and job losses.
2. Remove entirely rent subsidy (which is permitting the greediest landlords to hugely hike rents for appalling properties) and replace with an equivalent direct payment increase evenly divided across all welfare recipients. This would remove the unfair discrimination against the majority who are paying mortgages not rent.
3. Stop otherwise increasing welfare - many recipients are already far better off than they would be on low paid wages.
4. Stop extra payments to TDs and high paid government posts. Pensions, expenses, bonuses, ridiculous and unnecessary expensive Paddies Day junkets etc. Cut "committees" by 2/3rds. Remove state agencies that duplicate the work of others - for example Equality Agency was not a bad move but it should have been abolished entirely but rolled most of its work into the Enployment Rights Agency (this protecting its principles). Remove FF cronies from state bodies and replace by existing civil servants.
5. Tax heavily any property not lived in for more than 3 months of the year to force owners of vacant homes to either sell or rent.


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