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Mr. G- Naughty Girl [Paul Mac Remix]

It just gets better every time . . .

Boozy Queen

Originally uploaded by lff12 Sometimes, there is such a thing as having a little too much to drink.

Territorial claims in Queer Politics

I read with great interest the De-dking gay spaces article in Sexualities. The most interesting aspect for me is the inherent internalised sexism in lesbian feelings toward hetero women in "gay spaces." This is rarely if ever explicitly verbalised, but remains as a deep and largely unspoken hostility in some swathes of the womens community.

Interestingly, I participated in an online debate on the potential penetration by gay men into even a small part of a highly-guarded "womens space" that in reality is a "lesbian women's space" in the city where I live. The massive silence coming from women questioned whether the deep anger sensed at the "threat" to this space was actually not there, and there was explicit suggestion of fear of repercussions at potential reaction of a lesbian ascendancy maintaining this "space" as a threatened and angry group. Some even insinuated violence against some of those participating in the debate, tho…