The Iranian Election results and what they really mean

I am curious when reading the election results in Iran, as a lot of people don't actually realise the structure of Iran's government and what powers presidents do and do not have.

Iran has at least 6 ruling bodies -
- Supreme leader - The Ayatollah, who is responbile directly for most of the critical infrastructure points - i.e. the army, and appoints the judiciary - lifetime appointment made by the Assembly of Experts
- Council of Guardians - 6 religious leaders and 6 members of the judiciary - apointed by the supreme leader but can be vetoed by parliment
- Judiciary - head is appointed by the supreme leader who in turn nominates the rest of the judiciary
- president -elected by people - I think is based on nominations from parliment that must be approved by council of Guardians
- Parliment - the Majlis - elected by the people
- Assembly of Experts - religious leaders elected by public

There is a presidential cabinet made up of presidential nominees but most of them can be easily overriden by the Supreme Leader as his powers supercede that of theirs. So while the apparent loss of the presidential election may seem a serious blow to Iranian democratic ideals, there are several other channels for "reformist" candidates to enter the political fray. The problem however, is that really they are not significantly powerful enough to make real changes because overal law is determined by the Experts and Judiciary.

If Iran is to have real changes, its best bet would be to consider placing reformist candidates in elections for the Assembly of Experts, since these are the only body who can exert any control over the Supreme Leader.


calgacus said…
Glad you're not one of the people who don't realise Iran has at least some elected bodies with more power than e.g our Saudi allies give to anyone elected.

While i'd like to see things go the way you suggest via reformists being elected to the Expediency Council it seems more likely that the 'Supreme Leader' will not give up any of his powers unless his own people overthrow him or his military and police force refuse to obey his orders to kill their own people any longer.

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